Review for Week 10

 “Shifting Futures,” micha cárdenas

Invisible to visible, this idea is very interesting. As Cárdenas points out although the world tends to focus on the technology of visible to invisible, we also need the technology which makes invisible facts visible. For example the technology of making people in majority recognize the actual situation of minority people.

Quotations below are from Passing.

“Passing is a technique of modulating visibility in order to be perceived as belonging to a particular category, and there is an extensive body of literature on racial passing.”

“Passing is gesture that brings the contemporary racialized trans subject into an analogous relationship with the flickering digital signifier, where the performative utterance of making one’s body be read in a certain way reveals both its mutability and reveals that one’s body can be a sign with more than one signifier, like the digital image.”

“Passing is not simply a question of being or becoming visible or invisible, but instead a question of attaining a particular form of visibility.”

“Passing involves both the modulation of visibility by the person who is passing but also the reception of that image by the viewer who makes a decision about whether or not a person fits into a particular category.”

“As passing relies on the judgement of an observer, its usefulness for a racial or gender coalition politics must be questioned. If our value to each other is defined by our passing status, we are leaving our political definitions in the hands of those who may wish us harm”


The white skinned cyborg which turns into a brown skinned woman in The Shift shows the “shift from inhuman to human,” which shows transgender (or non-conforming) people of color are neglected as if they are less than human (Passing).

“Yet the modulation of visibility is not only a form of resistance, it is also a form of oppression” (Necropower, Opacity and Movement).

“These modes of being between visible and invisible have particular relevance for contemporary necropolitical situations which seek to restrict movement in order to ensure death for trans people of color” (Code Poetry Library, Conclusion).


 Elizabeth Lapenseé, Survivance

I played THE CORE VALUES QUEST from Survivance. I was asked to think of 10 core values for me, and eventually pick only one among them. My result was love, which was actually surprising to me. When I compared love with the other options I came up with, I thought if we have love, we can overcome everything. For example, health was one of my options. Maybe you can’t heal your cancer with love, but if you don’t feel love, you will get sick because your mind status influences on your health. And even if you are severely sick, if you feel love, it is better than being healthy but feeling no love at all, in my opinion. For another example, family was my last second option. I thought family is important because I love them, but if there is no love between me and my family, it is better to “make kin” with other people as the previous reading suggests. Thus, I think love (or empathy or kin in another word) is the best core value.


Blast Theory, Ulrike and Eamon Compliant

The significant point of this game is, “They probe for the inconsistencies in your stance and the gap between your ideals of social engagement and the reality of your lifestyle.” Indeed, it is easy to say “we should” or “we should not”, but it is difficult to take an action in actual life. It shows how important taking an action is.



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