Review for Week 9

 Mainichi, Dys4ia (info about the game heredownload for macdownload for win)


It was interesting to play games which show someone’s personal experience. I have never imagined that a game can be a tool to show one’s own experience. I could see how she (ze?) felt about being transgender mentally and physically through these games. Although I do not know them personally, I now feel more familiar with transgender people. When I played Mainichi, I found myself avoiding walking the crowded street for the second time because it was annoying to hear people whispering about me and be abused for an unreasonable reason. I now can imagine how often transgender people feel annoyed or depressed in their daily life because of people’s bias and discrimination. I have been learning how major video games have shown stereotyped and biased gender roles, and used tropes of women in another class at UWB. In most games, female characters are kidnapped and just wait for the hero to help her, or are murdered to give the hero a good reason to revenge. I believe there should be more games like Mainichi and Dys4ia and games which break stereotype and bias of gender roles.



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