Review for Week 8

Octavia’s Brood, pp. 123-135, 249-283
Lalibela / Gabriel Teodros
Children who fly / Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Star Wars and the American imagination / Mumia Abu-Jamal

These three stories above tell us two significant points. One is that we human beings are destroying environment, which leads to our own death. The other is people are misbelieving that they are doing right (or trying not to see the truth they are doing wrong). Abu-Jamal points out that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are one. And says, “For generations, Americans have declined to define themselves as imperialists,” “We were for freedom. We were for self-determination. We were good. We were white (mostly)” (257). Similar thing can be said to Japanese people as well. No, not only Americans and Japanese, but also people in stronger countries. It is hard to admit that we have been wrong, especially in the case of politics because governments are seeking their profit. We, however, HAVE TO admit and stop being wrong. Our humanity has been tested. And hopes of our humanity are written in the story below, The Only Lasting Truth.


The Only Lasting Truth / Tananarive Due

“(T)he only lasting truth is change” (262). Since everything changes, what we need to do is make sure that we are changing better not worse in terms of humanity. In that way, we can have a hope.

“I saw her in disagreements but never heated arguments, never heard her raise her voice, and the only weapon she raised was her pen” (263). I want to be like her. I often become too emotional, but I should be calm because I think it’s more convincing if I’m calm.

“For Butler, the highest goal of humanity is survival by any means necessary, but mainly by accepting difference and acknowledging the inevitability and omnipotence of CHANGE” (265). Accepting difference is definitely vital for our better future.

“Black Americans as a collective are also among the most powerful and affluent Blacks in the world. We too were ultimately the beneficiaries of slavery” (274).

Also, the story of Octavia’s death made me think that I should write a letter to my grandmother in Japan who is becoming 93 in next month as soon as possible.


“I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess”, Jasbir K. Puar

To be honest, I still do not really understand what the main point of this article is even after reading four times. Thus, I write my response regarding what I understand so far. Puar the author says, “One productive way of approaching this continental impasse would be to ask not necessarily what assemblages are, but rather, what assemblages do,” “assemblages are interesting because they de-privilege the human body as a discrete organic thing” (57). I understand this as human bodies are not special but what they do matters. When we think of what we human beings have done to our planet, human beings are the worst creatures in the world. Although I still do not understand why Haraway said she would rather be a cyborg than a goddess, I would say I would rather be a cat than a cyborg or goddess.

“intersectional critique has both intervened in the legal and capitalist structures” (62).


With $1 million at stake, U. of Missouri’s president now taking protests seriously

I cannot believe what the former president of University of Missouri did in order to cut costs even though universities are places to provide “higher education.” This is very sad but true that many people in authority take an action only when money is involved. If they think they will lose or gain a lot of money, then they move. Thus, if the football players in University of Missouri did not join the protest, the president would have just ignored Butler’s hunger strike. But Butler’s hunger strike moved the football players and many other students. Thus, even one person’s action is not meaningless.

This article made me think of my universities, UW and Waseda University in Japan. I prefer the environment and classes of UW, and thus I transferred to UW from Waseda. However, the tuition for international students is three times more than students in Washington state, and moreover, there is no scholarship for international students. Fortunately, my parents support me with finance but I must pay them back after I graduate and get a job. UW reduced tuition for instate students but increased for graduate, international and out-of-state students this year.[1] I really wish there was scholarship for international students as Chen, a Chinese graduate student at UW, says (The Daily 2015). In contrast, Waseda, my former university, provides a lot of scholarship for international students. I had received the highest scholarship for national students who have both financial issue and good grade from Waseda, but even the highest scholarship did not cover all of my tuition (it covered 60%). However, Waseda provides free tuition and even living expenses for some international students. I understand that there is a big level gap between UW and Waseda, but still I feel not good although I am not sure which university is unfair. I am probably just unlucky about tuition because since when I started studying abroad last year, Japanese yen dropped rapidly, which has kept being low, and since when I transferred to UWB, the tuition increased. I just hope when I get a job, US dollar will not drop so that I can pay my tuition back to my parents soon.

[1] The Daily


As death threats spread fear at Mizzou, professor asks students to defeat ‘bullies’ and attend class

I am disappointed with what the professor said to his students via email. He decided to hold an exam even though there were death threats to Black students. I wonder if he still did the same even if there was a threat of terrorist attack or school shooting against white people.

I also wonder how the former president of University of Missouri and the guy who was arrested by threatening black students are doing now. I think they are still racists. I do not think they reflected on what they did. Probably, they regret what they did because it caused them to resign or being arrested but I do not think they regret what they did in terms of humanity. To lessen racism we need to accept difference and respect others.