Review for Week 3 – 2

Wildness trailer

Homotopia​ and Criminal Queers  trailers

“Queer Love Economies: Making Trans/Feminist Film in Precarious Times”, Eric A. Stanley, Wu Tsang, and Chris Vargas

I find these views below interesting and agreeable.

“Filmmaking can be a kind of organizing – not only because you bring so many people together for production and collaboration, but because you create a mise-en-scène in the film that documents a living community.” By Wu Tsang (71)

“We acknowledge that merely inhabiting a righteous queer identity (trans or otherwise) does not make one exempt from being racist, transphobic, misogynist, ableist, etc.” By Chris Vargas (76)

Eric A. Stanley said some people left without watching until the end of the movie when he and Chris Vargas screened their work, Homotopia. I understand the audience who left early. To be honest, all of the three movies seem too unfamiliar to me even though I watched only trailers not full movies. This made me feel, however, getting used to unfamiliar issues and accepting differences is what we need today.

“An Artist’s Pioneering Masks Shield Us From Future Surveillance”, on the work of Zach Blas

As the author, Zach Blas suggests, I also feel that the world is becoming “a totalized surveillance society.” The US government, for example, was found tapping foreign leaders’ phone lines. Japanese government is trying to make residence number which manages each citizen with numbers even though it might have high risk of personal information leaks; there was a big issue of leaking residence number in South Korea recently. Google collects almost everything of users’ data: location, texts, credit card number. I feel more scared than safe about this surveillance world.

Also, same as Blas, I am against the police, especially the US police after I read my class readings for this week: about black teenagers killed by the police, the police using teargas to unarmed citizens, though not all the police. In addition, I am strongly suspicious about the governments (in any countries). Through my class readings including this article I felt that WE ALL SHOULD MONITER what the police and the government do.



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