Review for Week 3 -1

‘Things will never be the same’: the oral history of a new civil rights movement

This article is about voice of people who live in or went to Ferguson: the place where one black 18-year-old boy was killed by a white police officer in August 2014. This incident was broadcasted all over the world.
I was shocked that the teenager’s body was left outside for hours and the police tried to clean the blood out. Also, the phrase below was shocking.
“[I]t requires us to recognize that – regardless if our pants are hanging down, regardless if we speak with deference, regardless if we hold college degrees or not, regardless if we’re as innocent as a seven-year-old, or you know, have criminal records – we all have targets on our backs.” By MELINA ABDULLAH

The video, ‘Beyond anger’ on this article made me realize that participation of other races is very important to solve racism problems. Majority of the participants of the protestant for black people’s rights is black people, which made me feel I’m not related to the problem. I realized, however, the more other races participate, the more effective the protestant will be. If the participants are all black people, other people will think that it’s not their problem to solve just like me before. More importantly, people who are protested (white police men in this case) will consider black people as their enemy. If the participants are various races of people, people will see it as their own social problem, and it would be more convincing to those who are protested to admit their sin.

What was even more shocking to me was the reaction of Japanese people about this incident and protestant demonstration. I was curious what Japanese people think of this incident. So I searched for their opinions, and found one website, ‘Biglobe News’. According to this website, the comment which got most sympathy points out of 39 comments was “I always see videos of black people who plunder while they protest. They have brought it on themselves” with a disgusted face icon. 15 comments including top 3 popular comments are to support the police side or against this demonstration. Also, each comment has a face icon which is either angry, happy, sad, surprised, disgusted, or uninterested. The most used icon was uninterested face (18 out of 39). It can’t cover all Japanese people’s opinions, of course, but it shows what not a few Japanese people think. I was very disappointed with this website, but if I consider this website as representation of Japanese people’s opinions, it’s the same bias as the most popular comment above. Only seeing videos of black people plundering can’t be a good enough reason to think they are bad. The point is what made them do so. Knowing this fact that many of Japanese people are not interested in black people’s equality made me want to make them interested more.

Black Lives Matter Has Become A Global Movement

Through several deaths of black people including a teenager killed in Ferguson, ‘Black Lives Matter’ became a huge global movement. Although it’s sad, it’s true that sacrifices have strong power to move people.
As the author, Janaya Khan insists, “With 26 chapters in the U.S., Canada and Ghana, the continued expansion and evolution of this movement into a globalized black resistance must go beyond nationalism and borders and strike at the heart of the matter, which is that all black lives matter, everywhere,” I hope that not only all black lives but also all tribes’ lives, all sexualities’ lives, every one’s life matter EVERYWHERE.

Why Laverne Cox Declared a ‘State of Emergency’ in the Transgender Community

This article is too depressing. According to this article, 16 transgender women were killed this year. I really don’t understand why those transgender people had to be murdered. I strongly agree with this opinion below.
“Your life should not be in danger simply for being who you are. I think the reasons why trans women experience so much violence has to do with employment, housing, health care, etc., so we need to make sure that trans lives matter.” By Laverne Cox



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